Image Of The Week

Taken at last weeks wedding of Gareth & Christina at the stunning West Tower, this Image Of The Week is from one of my favourite parts of any wedding,the speeches.I just love how you see the real people,their stories, their reactions (good or bad).
The reason I like this image is at this point the Brides Father was telling the story of how he met his wife (Brides Mum) and the poignant part of the image is the groom playing with his wedding ring,on one side you have the story of a journey the other the start of a story,but still just a fun shot of a family at its best.aargh getting really heavy now here the tech stuff…..shot on my fantastic 70-200L f2.8 lens, this lens gets me in close but not in the couples faces, imagine if I was up close they would constantly be noticing me & perhaps react different but with this lens & my distance nobody knows what or who im shooting and that’s what I love about this lens

Canon 5D mkii / 70-200L2.8 / 125th @ 2.8 / 400iso.

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