Jules & Tracy's Wedding at Thornton Manor

It was over a year ago when a couple came into the studio to tell us about their dream wedding at the stunning Thornton Manor on the Wirral, and since then Jane & I have met up with Jules & Tracy on many occasions, quite worryingly mainly in pubs over lunch. Since that first meeting we became friends & that was how it felt when we left the studio on a sunny Thursday morning to go and shoot our friends wedding.
We were greeted by a very excited Tracy & bridesmaids busy in hair & make up, I think that’s what the TV world call it, and with Jane staying with Tracy I met up with Jules & the lads…. again in the pub.
This was one of those weddings that just fly’s by, a really fantastic set of family & friends determined to enjoy every minute of the day & I have to say that the vows that Jules & Tracy wrote for each other where hilarious & the laughing really never stopped.
A first for us with Tracy joining the band on stage in the evening & as we reluctantly left the party with music & celebrations still ringing in our ears we just kept laughing to each other about what had happened during this great day.
To Jules & Tracy, thanks for the fun & Hospitality & for the last twelve months in general. See you soon. Dx


The New Mr and Mrs Warren said...

Hi Dave and Jane,

We're just back from our fantastic honeymoon so it's great to see these!! WOW!!!! It was such a wonderful day & so many of our guests commented on how fab you were. What a super taste of what's to come from the rest of our pics, we can't wait to head up north again and see our full album.... pub anyone?

Jules & Tracy x

Matt Bowen said...

Hi, great pictures from a great day.