Rowton Castle Wedding of Simon & Kathryn

If I was asked to say why I love shooting weddings then Simon & Kathryn’s wedding would be my reply,why, because it had everything I love about my job. It had a gorgeous bride & groom, a stunning venue, great lighting & lots of old friends whose weddings we have shot over the years & a few we are to shoot. (Kathryn had been a bridesmaid at a few of our previous weddings now it was her turn to be the star)
The stunning Rowton Castle in Shropshire was the venue after a lovely ceremony at Wem parish church ( we arrived just in time for the coffee morning at church… mmm coffee & biscuits)
This was our first visit to Rowton Castle & it’s a gorgeous background for wedding photography but then again as Simon & Kathryn never stopped smiling & are so in love then we really couldn’t go wrong.

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