Focus On Imaging 2012

Well what an honour, Focus On Imaging is Europes largest trade show attracting over 40,000 photographers over the 4 days and is attended by ALL the major photography companies including Canon, Nikon,Epson & of course Graphistudio the worlds largest album manufacturer, who also are the company that supply our gorgeous wedding albums.
I was asked by Graphistudio to give a presentation to the visiting photographers on how we shoot & design our wedding albums & to give an insight into why we do what we do. To say I was nervous was an understatement, but according to all the very kind emails & phone calls everybody found my presentation very informative & dare I say enlightening. This was a very special moment for Jane & myself, yes Jane aswell (she seemed to be asked more questions than I was,but then again she is the best photographer I know:)) to be recognised for your quality of work not only by other photographers but also your own industry was a new phase of our journey that we are now beginning as since the show we have had quite a few offers to not only talk about our style & approach to photography but also to instruct & teach our fellow professionals. Exciting times ahead.

Thanks to all the Graphistudio gang for their fun & fantastic hospitality

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