Happy Fathers Day

Sunday 16th June is Fathers Day here in the UK, a time to celebrate & thank your Dad for being your Dad and so in tribute to Dad’s I decided to do a post with a few of my favourite Father moments captured at our Weddings. I am honoured to have 3 children and when my second Daughter was born the midwife turned to me and said’ David, another Wedding to pay for’. Being a Dad is brilliant but being a Dad to a Daughter is special as you wait all her life for that special moment, her Wedding when she marries that other man in her life, after all Dad has waited all her life for this one moment as I am waiting for mine (but I hopefully have the pleasure of doing it twice).I dont know about you reading this blog but every time I look at these images I see my kids…. playing,laughing,being angels…..asking for money,coming home late!!!!! but I wouldn’t change it for the world, if your a Dad you know what I mean :) Happy Fathers Day to all you proud Dads

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