ooooh look what Santa finally brought….

I have been debating for the last year whether to replace my Canon 1D or not, after all its served me well for the last 4 years but a few weeks before Christmas I was given the privilege of having a play with the new Canon 5D mkII and WOW I love what this camera can do. Its perfect for my style of photography & in low light especially, its awesome.So with much sadness my trusty 1D is to retire & this made me think about a camera clearout.I was genuinely shocked to find that over the years I have collected 16 cameras with a growing collection of lenses,flash guns & bits and bobs. So time for a SALE if you are interested just email & I will mail the full list to you.

Still don’t think the 5DmkII is as pretty as my beautiful 1D (oh dear,think I need to get a life!!!)

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