Luxury Antiques Fair Photoshoot

First of all sorry to my regular blog viewers for the lack of postings, it should be a quiet time of the year but we are snowed under (work wise not the current weather) but am slowly getting on top of things.
Its always great to exercise the grey matter & get the brain working again & this was the case when we were commissioned to photograph a Luxury Antiques Fair.Now I suppose your wondering (like I was) what’s the difference between a LUXURY Antiques Fair & a normal Antiques Fair, the answer the amount of noughts after the price.The shoot involved my reportage style of candid photography and studio shots on site,so a bit of everything.Im not known for commercial photography but its great every now & then to have a go & I really enjoyed this shoot.As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest.
Thanks to Ingrid & the PR girls for making me feel welcome & their help.D.

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