In The Press

A nice little write up in the Master Photographers Magazine about my recent Associate Qualification that I received from The Master Photographer Association. I havnt Blogged about this as this is only one of a few 'behind the scenes' personal projects that I have decided to do this year and consisted of a panel of 20 images that had to be perfect, and I mean PERFECT. The exposure, positioning of the subject,thought process,technical skill & printing and presentation was all taken into consideration (will show the full panel later in the year) and I am pleased to say that after a very nervous interview & judging by 6 of the country's top photography judges I passed, so my official Sunday title is now David Stanbury AMPA a fact that I am very proud of and really still hasnt sunk in that I am now only 1 of 4 Wedding Associates in the North West.Whats next?? well the next level is the highest, a Fellowship so onwards & upwards
Now our journey continues & Sunday (14th October) see's both Jane & I at the National Photography Awards in Newcastle, a start studded, glitzy (that is slang for new dress for Jane) ceremony where the country's finest photographers battle?? it out for National Awards. Cross your fingers xxxxx

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