Image Of The Week

Some of my fave images are picture within a picture & I love this image with Nan & grandson there’s so much going on you have the caricaturist, the subject & the drawing and just to finish you have the little boy just not interested in what’s going on at all. I could have just shot Nan & grandson it would have been a great image but the extra info just lifts the story, you know what’s happening, why there’s laughter. This image was taken just before the meal & its at this time I like to disappear amongst the guests and take candid shots of them chatting, interacting & generally enjoying the wedding. Shot this time with my 16-35 2.8 lens set at f5.6 to get all the subjects sharp, this lens is a bit like twenty twenty cricket, couldn’t see the point at first but slowly falling in love with it.

Canon 5D Mkii / 400 iso / 400th / f5.6

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