Image of the week

This image was taken at one of our weddings the other weekend & the way I took the image is currently one of my ‘labours of love’ that is to mean something that is so frustrating but when you hit the spot gives stunning results (bit like playing golf,you golfers know what I mean),its shooting from the hip.Works far better by using a wide angle lens & means you can get really close to people without them knowing or even thinking your taking photos, but walking with my camera at the hip & taking pictures. Now I’m not saying walk round with the camera set on ‘machine gun’ taking hundreds of shots & one will look good the image has to be there but its just looks different, works great with kids as you the viewer are suddenly brought down to their eye level (ever thought that things were much larger when you were a kid).
I love this image mainly because there’s a million things going on around this little girl,and the grown ups look like giants but her smile & expression is just great, and shooting from the hip between two people leads into the group and frames the image perfectly and that’s why I love this image. Now where’s them flaming golf clubs!!!

Canon 5Dmkii / 16-35lens / 200iso / 125th @f5.6

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