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This is a new section of the blog (feel free to say image of the week in a Harry Hill TV Burp style) were, as it says at the top, I will post my fave image of the week.Its really more for you photographers out there who after the MPA Interview have emailed for info,details & advice (even from USA how mads that!!!).The Image could be a wedding,portrait,personal even an old image but I will explain why & how I took the image.This will be different from my usual blog images as I’m not trying to tell a story with multiple images it’s a one off image & why I like it so much.Now this section minght not last long as we are getting really busy but at the moment gets me out of the cleaning so there!
The first image shot at Steve & Dianes wedding (to follow soon) of the Brides Father who also was the little boys Grandad, after the meal & before the speeches start there is that quiet 5 mins (the calm before the storm) and it may be the Father of the Brides big speech but a Grandads gotta do what a Grandads gotta do. Shot on my Canon 5Dmkii on my fave lens at the moment 70-200 f2.8 L at 200. Shutter of 400th iso 400 app at f2.8 .I wanted attention to go straight to the little boy & knew because they were on the same level that both would be sharp but people around slightly out of focus, still telling the story but not taking over.Was this set up no, but I know that when Grandson sits on Grandads knee something will happen & as with my lad it usually is messing around.

5dMKii / 70-200 f2.8L / 400iso / 400th / f2.8

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