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This weeks image,shot at last weeks wedding is special for me on two fronts, first it was a very emotional day for the grooms father who was in the wheelchair & I had an inclination that with dad being placed half way down the aisle there may be some reaction to each other,but this is just a really touching moment just a proud touch from the groom. May not seem much but my father passed away before I was married & to me it speaks volumes the father son bond.Secondly full of happiness & joy and it has that timeless feel to the image an image that will never date.
Anyway, I’ve been on a few seminars were photographers tell you to do this & do that & one such course the ‘photographer’ was saying you HAD to use flash when the couple walked down the aisle and the best thing to do was place two flash lights either side of the aisle as the bride & groom walk down & at a given spot take the photo. For those of you who have seen me ‘in action’ as I like to say (makes me feel more energetic) you’ll know I very rarely use flash, the flash in this image is from a guest taking a photo now somedays I like how the side flash looks, some days I don’t.What I like about it is the separation from the background caused by the flash & what I dislike is the harsh shadows & how the bow suddenly stands out.
So with the above comments why have I chosen it as image of the week,quite simply, to hell with the technical/critical view you should have done this & you should have done that, this is a wonderful father & son moment captured on the most important day of a couples life,an image I would have given anything for on my wedding.
Hmmm, wonder what the guests (who caused the flash) photo looks like!

Canon 5Dmkii / 16-35 lens / 800 iso / 125th @f4….NO FLASH!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph and really touching. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos, I bet they're amazing!