On my travels......

Regular blog watchers will know that I'm really enjoying my personal work more, taking photos for fun is something that Ive not really done for quite a while (even left holiday pics to the kids).The other week we visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester seemed like a great day out until was dragged around the Lowry shops. Architectural photography has never been my strong point & never will but I do have a soft spot for modern art & modern architecture in particular,even got into an argument with fellow 'tourists' because I didn't want to visit the coliseum, and this was my first visit to the quays.The Museum is visually stunning outside & great to photograph (& free to enter. good times:-))but the ever present wedding photographer in me was choosing locations for an up & coming 'Rock The Frock'

But then again I could have just been photographing the sun for fond memories!!!!

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