Image Of The last(sorry)

This weeks image was shot last year at Greg & Fionas wedding in Southport and was one of my favorite images of the year (even though the judges didn’t even put it in the final top ten of the awards,crazy!) anyway moan over, this is probably the most nervous moment in the Brides life & the proudest of a Fathers when they walk up the aisle. What do I love about the image, well what’s not to love I feel it has everything, pride, emotion, anticipation & even a little fun with Dad holding the flowers looking a bit like jeeves, and all by accident. It was a overcast rainy day & I wasn’t allowed to photograph from the front of the church only the rear so was waiting for Bride & Dad when just at that very moment the sun came out and formed a halo around the subjects & an image that was a looking like a buskers song suddenly turned into an opera (metaphorically speaking…ooohhh big word alert, thanks spell check). This image was shot on my beautiful Canon 1D MKii with a 70-200L 2.8 lens @ 640 iso.The high iso has given a grainy film like feel to the image & this could be another reason why I love this image so much, I’m really just missing film.

Canon 1D mkii / 70-200L f2.8 / 640iso / 1/100th / f2.8

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