A Quaint English Wedding

Its been a few years since I last shot a wedding at Rivington Parish Church in beautiful Rivington (hence the church name), the church has graves dating from the 1600’s (yes you all look at the grave dates its not just me) & is surrounded by stunning countryside.At the last wedding I shot there it was that cold the lens steamed up luckily had a spare camera to carry on with, but on this day the weather was perfect.
This wedding was I suppose what our American friends would call ‘A Quaint English Wedding’ a very traditional country church & pims on the reception lawns complimented with laughing guests.The reception was held at the Old Barn again in Rivington, this venue absolutely transforms itself for weddings don’t judge this venue on your first visit, you have to see the barn set for a wedding to really view in all its glory,awesome.
A fun wedding for Jane & I with the Bride & Groom laughing all day & a game of trying to get on as many of Dads photos as possible ending with another great set of speeches & stories of the couple, even a letter signed by Sir Alex as the Groom is a massive Man Utd fan (oh there’s always a down side lol;-))

Thanks for the laughs,and the image of the week.D.

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