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WOW two images of the week in a row,a first.At the end of September I was reminded by Jane (who was updating the diaries) that our next holiday is only in Oct 2010 & what should we do about this (I'm making this sound more pleasant than the actual conversation)anyway whilst looking up some flights for destination assignments next year decided to see what was available now & came across Marrakesh and a three night romantic!!? break was booked.This is a crazy city,a city with many aspects from the modern shopping malls (yes been there!!!)suicidal taxi journeys (this HAS to be experienced)and an old town that is a hive of colours,amazing people & delicious food.
One of my goals for this break was to sample the true Medina, its people,souks & food.Its so easy as we found to get lost in the old part of the Medina we walked with the tourists looking in the shops, then the tourists seamed to disappear, then the shops disappeared & we ended up in the residential part,and boy did we see a different part of Marrakesh lets just say it was about turn & retrace our steps,Quickly!
Passing hundreds of doorways we stumbled upon this old man beautifully creating metalworks for the tourists to buy in the souks, a lifetime of skill & struggle etched in his face as he effortlessly hammered away.I love street photography & really didnt want to take 'holiday snaps' so I really love this image taken in the residential area with no tourists clambering around & no hassle,you have to be so careful shooting in the old town as the locals go crazy & WILL demand money if they see you taking their photo something we saw on many occasions.When I have more time I may post a few of my Fave images from the trip.

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