Chris & Laura's White Wedding

Wedding photography can be challenging at the best of times, with the people organising & photography skills… oh, and then add to that digging out the car, closed roads & freezing temperatures then you have Chris & Lauras wedding.
Chris had just returned with his regiment from Afghanistan and after a trying few months both Chris & Laura were determined to do two things, have the biggest wedding & biggest party they could.
Weddings at Christmas time really are magical, but add snow & they take on a whole new meaning….snowball fights. This was one of the funniest weddings/snowball fights with the Army taking on the Bridesmaids & Ushers with no holding back.
Very emotional speeches & a great evening of fun & dancing made this a very special day not only for Chris & Laura but also Jane & myself.

Thanks you two,your love & laughter made the day.A real fun wedding.D.

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