Image Of The Week

This image,shot at the weekend wedding of James & Karen in Preston, is one of the reasons I love this time of year, gorgeous lighting (and Christmas parties).Every church I visit I always try to look for a different angle,something that nobody would have thought of, and this church was no different.After I had taken my images and were leaving I shot this image as James & Karen walked to the car down a shaded path,I saw the warm sunlight from the low sun at the end & just waited,waited then BANG the sun just lit them,gorgeous!, cropped close as there was graves either side, and as photogenic graves & graveyards are didnt want on a wedding photo.Really opened the aperture to blur houses in the rear & make the couple jump of the screen with lens at 200mm as I was standing at the top of the path.I will post my fave shots from this great wedding in the near future,shot some great images, even if I say so myself.

canon 5Dmkii / 70-200L 2.8 / 800 iso / 1/1000 sec @ f2.8

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