David & Rachel at Kilhey Court

It seems at the moment that this blog is like busses, you wait ages for one then three come along at once,but sorry its been REALLY busy & so have the weddings.The first was a great couple David & Rachel & a really great wedding at Kilhey Court Hotel.This hotel is now officially our second home both Jane & I love photographing weddings here (just as well as we are the recommended photographers) they just seem relaxed & flow.
Rachel seemed calm as we arrived (she wont admit that) but as dad arrived the nerves started & we shot some really touching images which is what our photography is all about. David & Rachel are very much ‘in love’ and this day was a great advert for that & we captured some special moments at this wedding, and had a great laugh as well.

Hi Rachel, hope you enjoy seeing yourself finally on the blog as much as we enjoyed the wedding. Have a great honeymoon. D.

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you all the pictures are amazing, it will be a very hard choice and I was very excited at seeing and reading about my own wedding on the blog finally!