Mike & Laura at Wrightington Hotel & Country Club

It doesn’t seem a year ago when I shot the pre wedding shoot with Mike & Laura at Wrightington Hotel gardens but time fly’s by & it was so soon the most eagerly awaited wedding EVER. After nearly two years of wedding committee meetings (sure this was a code word for wine sessions) the plans were made and a wonderfully hot sunny day was only made warmer by our welcome at Lauras Mums house, right on time for the famous schedule. I met a just as happy ‘other 50%’ of the committee at the church as Mike & his family arrived & bang on time the stunning Laura arrived & the tears started.With the changes at Wrightington Hotel I had to look for a different location & found a great cornfield (my regular watchers will no how much I love cornfields) and then onto the hotel for great speeches.
As the sun set the party really started & a great first dance (even though Mike said he didn’t dance) & with everybody getting on the dance floor the evening was just fun with everybody laughing,dancing & really enjoying what was a fantastic wedding.

Mike & Laura recently called into the studio to collect everything and are still in wedding mode, will this party never end!!!!.Thanks you two this was fun.D.

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Janet and Barry Fulster said...

Many thanks to both David and Jane for the wonderful part they played in helping us all to have the BEST day ever on Laura's and Michael's Wedding Day! We are really delighted with the photographs (yes David especially the cornfield ones!!) but also for the slick, professional manner in which they were taken and the brilliant service we have had during the "planning" time!