Ryan & Alison at Holland Hall

When I first started in Wedding photography Jane & I lived in beautiful Wrightington & drove past the stunning church of St Josephs daily the gardens are beautiful a perfect venue for Ryan & Alison’s Wedding. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous surroundings & a gorgeous couple to photograph, I really am lucky.
Now the one drawback to this is the priest wont allow any photography in the church which is a shame because the service is one of the most touching, personal ceremonies I,ve ever witnessed & gets all the family involved.
Holland Hall for the reception as Ryan kept saying that he was nervous about his speech but delivered a cracker with some beautiful words about Alison, if Ryan wanted to be nervous about something he should have thought of the champagne tower, but as with the day it went perfect.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much David and Jane. You both did a fantastic job! The pictures look great. We're still trying to decide which photographs to choose for the album. Can't wait to see it all finished! Alison & Ryan

Anonymous said...

To Jane and David, wev'e just finished Sunday lunch and decidied to browse through the pictures. What a fantastic selection of stunning pictures. How are Alison and Ryan gonna choose? You both contributed to the day more than you know, words cannot say how greatful we all are. looking forward to the finished album. Great memories for Alison and ryan to treasure forever

from the Grindley sisters