Talk to Master pressure then!!!

Well, last night (Wednesday) was my talk to the North West Master Photographers at Stathom Lodge Hotel in Cheshire and a great night it was too. It was a real honour to talk infront of some of the top north west photographers about my style of photography & the business in general. The talk should have lasted an hour and a half but after a very interesting questions & answers session went over by an hour as all aspects of the way we do things at Classic were investigated.
To be in a room with passionate people was very uplifting and to hear some of the stories that were affecting their businesses was in some ways disturbing and brought me back to the difficult decisions bride & grooms have in choosing a photographer & made me equally determined to help promote the need for, not only a professional photographer to shoot a wedding but a photographer that is passionate about photography & the service that goes with it. I heard so many stories from fantastic passionate photographers who wanted to provide an all round service, a product that will last a lifetime only to be beaten at the post by someone who basically saying ‘well if Im cheap enough someone will book me’ & one of my pet hates the shoot & run sorry burn photographers who photograph a wedding and just put the images on a disc, where’s the product, something to show for your money, the service, the passion. At the end of the day I really believe that we offer not only a series of pictures on paper or on a computer screen but an album full of memories that will last a lifetime, a family heirloom. After all when the last dance has ended & champagne drunk this is all that is left, a album with stunning images that will last for a lifetime & bring back memories of the best day of your life.
I hope that people took away some of my passion for the way I love the job of capturing wedding memories, and hopefully a few ideas for themselves. Thanks to all that attended.


paula said...

To Dave and Jane

Sorry i missed your talk last night.

Keep up the great work.

Paula x

Liam Crawley said...

Well said David. My wife and I really enjoyed your talk, it was both inspiring and informative and we really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks for the info on the lowel present I use a broncolor mobil lite which is great for exterior photography but can be overpowering if used in doors. I'll be investing in a lowel id for my interior stuff and if you don't mind I may need to pick your brains about its use soon. Cheers bud, Liam & Bee

Lydia said...

In years to come when his name is mentioned in the same breath as such great photographers as Yervant,Joannes van Kan and Taylor-Jones we can say Yes I was their - I saw it begin. From now on he is not to be called David but simply The Stanbury. Nobody will ever know what A. the stands for.

Thank so much Jane and David for all the time and effort that must have gone in to giving such a polished and well presented talk. Aren't we lucky that other photographers will gladly (strong word but
he did smile once) agree to share ideas and openly discuss issues that we are all facing in our businesses today. So thanks again to you both.

MPA NW committee x

Ian Cartwright said...

Hi David,
I enjoyed your talk the other night. Many thanks for sharing.
Ian Cartwright