Mark & Elaine

The lighting was fantastic for Mark & Elaine’s pre wedding shoot, and we had great fun. I can’t wait for the wedding should be a blast.

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Rock The Frock is our NEW service based on an idea we found from America that combines my background in fashion photography with our Bride & Grooms that want images that are a million miles from Traditional Wedding photography.In the USA they call it trash the dress & that’s exactly what they do,they shoot Brides in rivers & mud I’ve even seen a photo of a Bride with her dress on fire.This is the reason I’ve decided to call our service Rock The Frock mainly because I’m not brave (or daft) enough to destroy any dress,I just want to shoot the couple in a more modern,high fashion style.
Dale & Estelle were the first of many Bride & Grooms to take advantage of this service & what a shoot.Truly amazing images.

Below are my fave shots from the shoot.

Stephen & Louise's Wedding

Stephen & Louise were married at Dalton Church,a church I hadn’t been to for a while & forgot just how stunning the countryside is there.Leaving church I saw a field full of colour & Steve & Louise were great jumping out of the car into the field, as if that wasn’t enough mother nature showed off even more with an amazing bluebell show.Thanks to Steve & Louise who were fantastic on the day.D.

A note to all Grooms,be careful what you say about your bestman, dont forget HE has the last word!