Image of the week

This image was taken at one of our weddings the other weekend & the way I took the image is currently one of my ‘labours of love’ that is to mean something that is so frustrating but when you hit the spot gives stunning results (bit like playing golf,you golfers know what I mean),its shooting from the hip.Works far better by using a wide angle lens & means you can get really close to people without them knowing or even thinking your taking photos, but walking with my camera at the hip & taking pictures. Now I’m not saying walk round with the camera set on ‘machine gun’ taking hundreds of shots & one will look good the image has to be there but its just looks different, works great with kids as you the viewer are suddenly brought down to their eye level (ever thought that things were much larger when you were a kid).
I love this image mainly because there’s a million things going on around this little girl,and the grown ups look like giants but her smile & expression is just great, and shooting from the hip between two people leads into the group and frames the image perfectly and that’s why I love this image. Now where’s them flaming golf clubs!!!

Canon 5Dmkii / 16-35lens / 200iso / 125th @f5.6

Stuart & Nicola's Wedding

Stuart & Nicola were such a fun couple to photograph and on the day they didn’t disappoint with fun & laughter all day, oh and bubbles. The reception was held at Kilhey Court Hotel, this seems like our second home at the moment, but dodging the rain showers the gardens were superb.Our coverage ended with great speeches in the impressive Victorian conservatory at the hotel overlooking the stunning gardens.A great couple,great guests,great venue, and they call this work.

Image Of The Week

Some of my fave images are picture within a picture & I love this image with Nan & grandson there’s so much going on you have the caricaturist, the subject & the drawing and just to finish you have the little boy just not interested in what’s going on at all. I could have just shot Nan & grandson it would have been a great image but the extra info just lifts the story, you know what’s happening, why there’s laughter. This image was taken just before the meal & its at this time I like to disappear amongst the guests and take candid shots of them chatting, interacting & generally enjoying the wedding. Shot this time with my 16-35 2.8 lens set at f5.6 to get all the subjects sharp, this lens is a bit like twenty twenty cricket, couldn’t see the point at first but slowly falling in love with it.

Canon 5D Mkii / 400 iso / 400th / f5.6

Steve & Diane's Wedding at Thistle Hotel

Its not everyday that you photograph a bride who has designed & made her stunning wedding dress, but that exactly what Diane did,oh and the bridesmaids dresses stationary, table settings etc (and I think I have a lot to do). The Thistle Hotel Haydock on easily the hottest day of the year so far was the setting for a very colourful and fun day. Loads going on including cup cakes for canap├ęs (in a little Britain voice, I like cake!!!).
On a serious note all credit to these two the marquee looked awesome everything ran according to Dianes meticulous plans and ended of with very funny speeches.I really do love photographing speeches you get to see the real Bride & Groom with tears of emotion & laughter as Dad reminisces fondly the Brides formative years,then the groom announces his true feelings for his Bride & in return the Bestman absolutely destroys any dignity the Groom had. GREAT!!!!

Image of the Week.......NEW

This is a new section of the blog (feel free to say image of the week in a Harry Hill TV Burp style) were, as it says at the top, I will post my fave image of the week.Its really more for you photographers out there who after the MPA Interview have emailed for info,details & advice (even from USA how mads that!!!).The Image could be a wedding,portrait,personal even an old image but I will explain why & how I took the image.This will be different from my usual blog images as I’m not trying to tell a story with multiple images it’s a one off image & why I like it so much.Now this section minght not last long as we are getting really busy but at the moment gets me out of the cleaning so there!
The first image shot at Steve & Dianes wedding (to follow soon) of the Brides Father who also was the little boys Grandad, after the meal & before the speeches start there is that quiet 5 mins (the calm before the storm) and it may be the Father of the Brides big speech but a Grandads gotta do what a Grandads gotta do. Shot on my Canon 5Dmkii on my fave lens at the moment 70-200 f2.8 L at 200. Shutter of 400th iso 400 app at f2.8 .I wanted attention to go straight to the little boy & knew because they were on the same level that both would be sharp but people around slightly out of focus, still telling the story but not taking over.Was this set up no, but I know that when Grandson sits on Grandads knee something will happen & as with my lad it usually is messing around.

5dMKii / 70-200 f2.8L / 400iso / 400th / f2.8

Neil & Clare's Wedding

St Oswalds catholic church in Ashton for Neil & Clare's big day,a great wedding meeting up with so many of our past bride & grooms and making new friends.This is a truly spectacular church inside & out,and with the English weather trying to throw a spanner in the works we had to do a bit of weatherdodgingthingy (yes this is a technical photography term).Now Neils a big muscley lad and one of my fave shots from the day is when they where having a quiet min & he gave Clare a kiss on the forehead it just summed up their day, just two people very much in love (sorry got a tear in my eye snif)anyway onto the photography stuff, its weddings like this that you really need two photographers,Jane was shooting from the rear up above the congregation (i mean really high above)I had my feet on solid ground at the front creating two great images of the Brides arrival.

Thanks for the day was a blast (sorry to hear about the duck).D.

Testimonials.....a few more.

Just thought I would post a few recent testimonials.They really are appreciated we may have had success at the recent award ceremonies but that means nothing if our Bride & Grooms are not happy with the service that we provide.Photographers can have the greatest websites with stunning images but if on the day they cant 'walk the walk' then this will ruin your big day with guest grumbling & the shoot going on & on, so to have thanks not only for our stunning images but also how we added to the fun of the day makes them extra special.

David & Jane,Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day.The photographs are more than we could ever have dreamed of.
Damian & Louise Read (nee Towers)

To David & Jane,Thank you so much for photographing our wedding,we were honored to have you there!Award Winning duos are hard to come by.The photos are truly spectacular we could look at them all day,cant wait for the album.
Luke & Lynsey Kendall (nee Edwards)

David & Jane,Thank you so much you really helped to make the day flow successfully and all the guests commented how friendly and professional you both were.All the photos are stunning & the album is amazing and presented beautifully.We will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Alastair & Angela Howcroft (nee Harcombe)

Thank you again for your kind words,it makes both of us realise how lucky we are doing a job we love.D.