Paul & Hayley's Wedding

Talk about all the seasons in one day at the wedding of Paul & Hayley at Dean Row Chapel in Wilmslow, possibly one of the prettiest chapels we’ve ever been to, we had rain,wind,hail & the sun but nothing could dampen this colourful day.The reception was at the fantastic Stanneylands Hotel in Wilmslow.Shot some great black & white images of the guests but when the sun came out the colours were awesome.

Thanks for a great day & some superb images.It was a joy.D.

Lee & Anna's Sunny Croston Wedding

A fabulous sunny spring day for the wedding of Lee & Anna at the beautiful Croston Church.An early start for Jane & I but as we drove through the countryside with the sun coming into the car we were as excited as if it was our first wedding (what a difference a bit of warm sun can do after so long being cold).Into the church gardens for photos & couldn’t resist a shot including possibly my fave flowers daffodils (my fave because they say ‘hey its getting warmer!!!’).Onto Wrightington Hotel for the reception,just happens that Anna’s sister Helen is the hotel manager, were the party really started.A really funny & original speech by the best man ended our coverage on a really high note.

A great day photographing one of our most relaxed couples ever.The day just flew by with fun & laughter but most of all WARM SUNSHINE.Don’t blink summers here.

How is it for you!

It seems a lifetime since my last posting on the blog but soooo much has happened.Still catching up on contacts made at the Focus On Imaging event,change round in the studio (first reports from customers seems everyone loves the new look, even my daughter now there’s praise).At Focus & events we have been involved with since the first words out of fellow ‘wedding professionals’ as we seem to be called these days is ‘Are You Busy???’ well yes its seems that at the moment we seem to bucking the trend. Weddings are well up for 2009 & half the 2010 dates are now booked, there even seems to be an increase in our studio work (good times).
One question I seem to be asked a lot is my impression of the current financial situation (as if I am some industry expert hahah NOT),but I honestly think that Bride & Grooms looking for a wedding photographer are not daft & are booking wisely.There are so many hobby, shoot & RUN (sorry burn) & semi pro photographers (weekend warriors the trade calls them) it seems a minefield & I really do have sympathy for Bride & Grooms at the moment but as my dad used to say ‘the cream rises to the top’ my saying ‘good photography isn’t easy but a GOOD photographer makes it look easy’.
Anyway rant over here’s some images from recent studio sessions over the last few weeks.