Chris & Laura's White Wedding

Wedding photography can be challenging at the best of times, with the people organising & photography skills… oh, and then add to that digging out the car, closed roads & freezing temperatures then you have Chris & Lauras wedding.
Chris had just returned with his regiment from Afghanistan and after a trying few months both Chris & Laura were determined to do two things, have the biggest wedding & biggest party they could.
Weddings at Christmas time really are magical, but add snow & they take on a whole new meaning….snowball fights. This was one of the funniest weddings/snowball fights with the Army taking on the Bridesmaids & Ushers with no holding back.
Very emotional speeches & a great evening of fun & dancing made this a very special day not only for Chris & Laura but also Jane & myself.

Thanks you two,your love & laughter made the day.A real fun wedding.D.


Well Christmas is here, the studio will be closed until Monday 4th January 2010, wish I could put my feet up but have some great weddings during Christmas & New Year that I’m really looking forward to. Will post these weddings in early Jan for you to have a look at but in the meantime if you wish to contact us you can via email or on my mobile.
Looking back over the last 12 months, and what a twelve months, the highlight has got to be making the finals at the National Photography Awards in Newcastle & runner up in the UK Wedding Photographer & Parent & Child Photographer of the year.
On the awards front, 2009 saw Classic Photography win over 30 photography awards including the highest award of Professional Photographer of the Year, Wedding Photographer of the Year & wedding Album of the Year at the North West Pro Photography Awards.
The weddings & portraits we have covered this year have also been memorable, I’ve said many times I have the best job in the world & as I look back at the 2009 images I feel so lucky to have been witness to some special moments.

So 2010….
This has the potential to be our best year yet,as I look at our bookings I’m getting more & more excited, new venues, new challenges & new friends.
One thing I am really looking forward to is continuing the friendships we have made with other photographers, and our upcoming adventures with our friends all of which you will find out in the following months.
January sees our awards season start and at the moment are putting the finishing touches to our entries in the Regional Photography Awards, as to why we enter awards is well documented on this blog but as I look back with these images I cant believe the fun & friends we have made over the year.
To all our friends old & new both Jane & I wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful & prosperous New Year.

So here’s to 2010 & here’s to another fantastic journey.

James & Karen's Wedding at Stanley House

It was only a few weeks before their wedding that James & Karen came into the studio for a photoshot and their excitement was obvious for all to see. A cold morning greeted us as we arrived at Karens with her neice intent on stealing the show but as James arrived at St Marys in Bamber Bridge full of smiles I knew we were in for a good day.
At this time of the year the sun doesn’t get very high in the sky & makes for dramatic, if a little challenging, lighting but again made for great images.
On to Stanley House, a great venue in the beautiful Ribble Valley, with modern & traditional all under one roof but WOW what a staircase great for my more fashion styled images.
I have to say though I though the speeches were fantastic, many guests commented & I have to agree, one of the best bestman speeches ever involving friends & family, really funny.

Thanks to James & Karen, you both were fantastic.Have a great honeymoon.D.

Flowers.......for moi!...

Its not often that I’m left speechless but yesterday (fri) I was speechless.
I was upto my neck in orders, albums, mounts & framing client photo orders ready to be wrapped & sent to father Christmas etc etc…when in came the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a note of thanks from Jackie & Paul who’s wedding we shot in September. Its always a joy to receive thanks for doing what you love but this was the first time we had received flowers, a real pick up aswell for Jane who’s been a little under the weather the last few days, so again to Jackie & Paul Thanks.

Yes Jackie I did tell her they were from you & not a gift from me (did think about it though!!!!)

Image Of The Week

This image,shot at the weekend wedding of James & Karen in Preston, is one of the reasons I love this time of year, gorgeous lighting (and Christmas parties).Every church I visit I always try to look for a different angle,something that nobody would have thought of, and this church was no different.After I had taken my images and were leaving I shot this image as James & Karen walked to the car down a shaded path,I saw the warm sunlight from the low sun at the end & just waited,waited then BANG the sun just lit them,gorgeous!, cropped close as there was graves either side, and as photogenic graves & graveyards are didnt want on a wedding photo.Really opened the aperture to blur houses in the rear & make the couple jump of the screen with lens at 200mm as I was standing at the top of the path.I will post my fave shots from this great wedding in the near future,shot some great images, even if I say so myself.

canon 5Dmkii / 70-200L 2.8 / 800 iso / 1/1000 sec @ f2.8

Craig & Lucy's Wedding at Haigh Hall

A great start to a busy December saw Jane & I at the impressive Haigh Hall for the wedding of Craig & Lucy on a crisp beautiful winters day,great lighting & a fun set of guests.If Craig was nervous he didn’t show it and was joined by an ‘on time’ Lucy for an emotional ceremony in the stunning Grand Ballroom. Haigh Hall is one of the few venues that whatever the weather your sure of great images,and made a really stunning backdrop for Craig & Lucy who where a joy to photograph. great speeches, great company & GREAT mince pies. YUM!!!

BIPP Talk...How we do what we do!

I have the honour of talking to the members of the north west arm of the British Institute of Professional Photography on Wednesday the 13th January 2010.All aspects of my style,workflow & techniques will be on show, should be a fun night.Im on the same bill as a fantastic still life photographer Jonathan beer, this guy makes the ordinary look er unordinary and there’s never anything on TV on a Wednesday so come along (if only to see Jonathan)

Image Of The Week

WOW two images of the week in a row,a first.At the end of September I was reminded by Jane (who was updating the diaries) that our next holiday is only in Oct 2010 & what should we do about this (I'm making this sound more pleasant than the actual conversation)anyway whilst looking up some flights for destination assignments next year decided to see what was available now & came across Marrakesh and a three night romantic!!? break was booked.This is a crazy city,a city with many aspects from the modern shopping malls (yes been there!!!)suicidal taxi journeys (this HAS to be experienced)and an old town that is a hive of colours,amazing people & delicious food.
One of my goals for this break was to sample the true Medina, its people,souks & food.Its so easy as we found to get lost in the old part of the Medina we walked with the tourists looking in the shops, then the tourists seamed to disappear, then the shops disappeared & we ended up in the residential part,and boy did we see a different part of Marrakesh lets just say it was about turn & retrace our steps,Quickly!
Passing hundreds of doorways we stumbled upon this old man beautifully creating metalworks for the tourists to buy in the souks, a lifetime of skill & struggle etched in his face as he effortlessly hammered away.I love street photography & really didnt want to take 'holiday snaps' so I really love this image taken in the residential area with no tourists clambering around & no hassle,you have to be so careful shooting in the old town as the locals go crazy & WILL demand money if they see you taking their photo something we saw on many occasions.When I have more time I may post a few of my Fave images from the trip.